Wisconsin State Fair – 2002

The Skyride got riders from one entrance to the ride midway. It provided a great relief from the throngs of people and allowed for a few moments of relaxation. Note the local radio station, which paid to promote itself on the backs of the skyride chairs.

This Pinfari Z47 is owned by independent operator John Van Hull but travels with Murphy Brothers Shows on its yearly route. The ride was in terrific condition and looked great adorned with American flags.

The Mega Drop was built by Fabbri of Italy and owned by Talley Amusements. It was one of several independently-owned rides that Murphy Brothers booked in. The ride is hands-down the best drop ride I have been on. The tower stands 115 feet above the ground, but in a strong wind the gentle swaying of the ride makes it feel much higher. Talley has a fast & friendly crew, one of the best I have encountered throughout the country.

The Mega Drop is unique in that it does not just drop riders- it forces them to the ground. Pneumatic cylinders propel the rig down into magnetic brakes that are set very low on the tower. Riders literally see the top of the top of the control booth before they feel the brakes kick in.

The Star Force is a spectacular ride from Moser Rides. It spins twenty-four riders head-over-heels as the ring of riders spin and the entire platform that the arm is attached to also circles.

This shot was taken from Murphy Brothers' Giant Wheel. On the left is the show's Huss Enterprise, a rare piece on the American midway today, and to the ride is the one-of-a-kind Star Force.

The Chance Inverter thrills riders as some choose the more relaxing Chance Giant Wheel in the background.

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