The Flat Joint Links

These first set of links are of great amusement industry and fair links. The second set are of the people who have supported the site and provided us with images and information. Click here to scroll down to our "Thanks!" list of contributors and links.

Dave Burton's Amusement Ride Extravaganza: Dave has assembled a wealth of information on amusement rides and the Australian world of traveling amusements.

Favos.Nl: A great collection of links to various rides around the world, both to piece owners and various fan sites.

Kermis Web.NL: Another fun site from the Netherlands with loads of pictures from fairs all over Europe.  Be sure to check out the great Oktoberfest section.

Kirmes & Park Revue: A German magazine that covers the Kirmes (Carnival) scene in that country with some amusement park reporting (German text).

Lawrie's Carnival & Amusement Park Pages: Lawrie has a lot of information about the amusement parks and carnivals of Finland.

Matt's Carnival Warehouse: Arguably the best site for the American carnival scene.

The Outdoor Amusement Business Association:  The trade association of the American carnival industry.

Ride Mania: One of the best listing of rides from manufacturers worldwide that I have come across (French text).

Star Gate 64.De: This site, in German, has information and photos of fairs all over the country and lots of great German rides.

Ultimate Rollercoaster: The best site for roller coasters on the Internet and our gracious hosts.

To see everything everyone donated simply do a search of the site for their name.

Elizabeth Aslakson: Elizabeth provided some great shots from the Jackson County Fair in Michigan. 

Lance Bair: Lance was kind enough to provide us with a picture of the elusive Eli Bridge Cycloid along with some pics of his own rides, the King Frolic and Parachute.

Mike Bartlett: Mike gave us some great shots of the ride collection at Six Flags New England.

Nathan Brown: I asked Nathan for a picture of the Lake Compounce Rotor and he came through with lots of great pictures.

George Burnash: George gave us some great shots of the 2005 Florida State Fair.

Robert Cashour: Robert was one of the first to approach us with images and has been a great help.  He donated pictures to the following pages: Chance Aviator, Chance Chaos, Huss Condor, Larson Crazy Train, Zamperla Energy Storm 3, Huss Flipper, Huss Jump and the KMG/Tivoli Spin Out.

Chance Rides/Chance Morgan: Chance provided us with many shots of their rides, including several that are sadly no longer common on the American midway: Olympic Bobs, Radar, Space Shuttle and Turbo.

Crazyspin: Andrew gave us some great shots so we could create pages of the Soriani & Moser Top Star Tour and Moser Gravity Tower.  In addition, he supplemented our photos for the Chance Thunderbolt, Fabbri Kamikaze and Tivoli Scorpion.

Fabbri: This company provided us with some photos of their photos.

Mitch Francisco: Mitch provided us with some enjoyable daytime shots of the Loop-o-Plane in Keansburg, New Jersey.

Gerstlauer Elektro GmbH: This companies gave us some great photos of their Dancing Pavilion, 50 Meter Wheel and 60 Meter Wheel.

Robert Wade Jackson: Wade let us use a great dusk shot of the Intamin Space Shuttle.

KMG/International Ride Services: They were kind enough to let us use one picture for the Afterburner page.

Sam Kislevitz:  Sam let us use his picture of the Rock-N-Roll Matterhorn.

Nate Kohlrusch: Nate let us use pictures for our KMG Experience and Mondial Shake pages.

Larson International: Jeff Novotny and the crew at Larson have done a great job bringing back the classic Flying Scooter.  In fact, they let us use their pictures for our Flying Scooter page.

Greg Legowski: Greg let us use his pictures of the Anton Schwarzkopf Apollo 14 and the Chance Morgan Revolution 32.

Stefan Merkl: Stefan shared some great shots of some beautiful European pieces.

Matthew McCoy: Matthew offered up some stellar shots of Mid-America Shows and helped pad our Ride Index with photos of the Sellner Dizzy Dragons, Larson Ring of Fire, Eyerly Spider, Chance 28-Foot Carousel and the Chance Zipper

Mondial Fair Attractions: Mondial was kind enough to give us pictures of their new-for-2003 attraction, the Ultra Max.

Joe Nardone: Joe gave us this great picture of the Huss Tristar.

Mike Newton: Mike sent us a nice night pic of the Childress Expo Wheel.

Dainan Rafferty: Dainan was kind enough to give us pictures of North America's only Top Spin2.

Mike Reiss: Blue Sky Amusements', owned by Mike's family, has a beautiful Chance Alpine Bobs that he was willing to share pictures of.

Mark Rosenzweig: Mark's pictures of the Florida State Fair were a great addition to the site.  In addition to those he supplied our Oktoberfest section and lots of other ride photos.

Ken Rutherford: Ken provided us with some great pictures of Watkins Rampage.

Kyle Shick: Kyle came to us with pictures of the Bussink Evolution and added to it.

Cameron Silver: Cam gave us some unique shots from "Down Under."  He supplied us with images for the Meisho Twin Dragon, Vekoma Sky Flyer and Vekoma Waikiki Wave Super Flip.

Gary Slade: Gary, publisher of Amusement Today, was kind enough to provide us with three great pictures of the S&S Sky Swatter.

Ryan Snooks: Ryan came through and let us use tons of pictures for the Ride Index.  In addition, he donated all the pictures for our pages on the San Diego County Fair.

"Surf Dance" Chris: The expert on the "Flip N Out" let us use pictures of the Huss Ranger, Soriani & Moser Super Loop on Top and the Mondial Super Nova.

Lauri Vartiainen: Lauri gave us a lot of pictures from the parks and carnivals of Finland, including: Huss Troika, Sartori Twister, Soriani & Moser Polyp, Soriani & Moser Super Telecombat and Zierer Viking.

Jakob Wahl: Jakob gave us some great shots of two fairs in France he attended.

Wood Design: This company provided us with some photos of their Wave Swing.

Zamperla: This company provided us with some great shots of their new ride, the Nitro. Navigation