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March 15– Added the Allan Herschell Crazy Caterpillar, Mangels Miniature Boat Ride, Mangels Miniature Ferris Wheel, Morgan Eight Ball, Moser Hoppla, Moser Sidewinder, Watkins Heart Flip, Watkins Hustler, Zamperla Mini Enterprise, Willie the Whale and added photos to the Chance Slingshot, Mangels Fire Truck, Mangels Kiddie Whip, Mangels Pony Cart, Zamperla Family Swinger, Zamperla Flying Tigers and Zamperla Power Surge.


May 14– Added the Allan Herschell Astronaut and the Spillman Engineering Silver Streak.

May 11– Added the Fabbri King Loop, Klaus Satellite Jet, Klaus Strato Jet, KMG Junior Move It, Zamperla Telecombat and added photos to the Eyerly Rock-O-Plane, Fabbri Boomerang, Klaus Roto Jet, Technical Park Street Fighter and Traver Circle Swing.

May 10– Added the Traver Circle Swing, added pictures to the Bisch Rocco Flying Skooter 10, and split the Mack Matterhorn from the Petersburger Schlittenfahrt.

May 9– Added the Amusement Devices Corporation Waltzer, Prior & Church Racing Derby, Huss Suspended Top Spin and added images to the Traver Tumble Bug.

March 5– Added the Majestic Catch'N Air, Zamperla Discovery 24, Zamperla Discovery 30 and added photos to the Chance Rock'N Roll, Chance Slingshot, KT Enterprises Twister, Zamperla Fire Brigade, Zamperla Joker and Zierer Kontiki.

January 10– Added the Huss Take Off, Intamin Barnstormer, KMG Discovery, S&S Power Screamin' Swing, Superides International Superstar, Waagner Buro Magic Arms and added photos to the Huss Breakdance, Huss Frisbee, Huss Magic, Huss Ranger, Huss Top Spin, KMG Experience, KMG Spin Out, Mack Seastormbahn, Maurer Soehne Power Tower, Mondial Inferno, Mondial Shake, Moser Twin Flip, Schwarzkopf Monster, Soriani & Moser Top Star Tour, Technical Park Vortex and Zamperla Rotoshake.

January 7– Added the Tennessee State Fair in Nashville.


November 3– Added Funtime StarFlyer, Hiram Maxim Flying Machine, Huss Booster, Huss Flic Flac, Technical Park Street Fighter, Technical Park Vortex, Wisdom Aladin, Zierer Suspended Flying Carpet and added photos to the Watkins Rampage and Wisdom Sizzler.

October 31– Added the BHS Metroliner, Gerstlauer Waltzerfahrt, Huss Fly Willy, Mack Dino-Karousell, Mack Doppeldecker, Mack Peter Pan, Schwarzkopf 50 Meter Wheel, Schwarzkopf Shuttle Boot and added photos to the Huss Break Dance, Huss Shot 'N Drop, Mack Musik Express, Mondial Top Scan, Schwarzkopf Monster and Zierer Star Shape.

October 5– Added the Childress Expo Wheel, Zamperla Flying Tigers and added photos to the Chance Alpine Bobs.

September 25– Added Barbieri Ferris Wheel, Chance Giant Wheel (80-foot), Chance Rok-N-Roll, Dartron Hurricane, Kroon Ferris Wheel, Mack Kaffeetassen, Moser Maverick, Moser Music Express and added pictures to Chance Alpine Bobs, Chance Sea Dragon, Chance Trabant, Fabbri Mega Drop, Larson Crazy Train, Mack Petersburger Schlittenfahrt, Moser Dream Machine and Zamperla Family Swinger.

September 11– Added the SDC Centrox, SDC Football, SDC Galatica, SDC Polyp and added pictures to the SDC Pirate.

September 10– Added the ABC Engineering Tilt Tower, Allan Herschell Tanks, Custer Bubble Bounce, SBF Flying Bus, SDC Ferris Wheel, SDC Rotor, Zamperla Balloon Wheel and added pictures to the Huss Flipper, Moser Spring Ride and Zierer Wild Water Rondell.

July 19– Added pictures to Huss Airboat, Huss Jump and Huss Rodeo.

June 18Bertazzon Matterhorn, Bertazzon Swing Carousel, Allan Herschell Fire Trucks, SBF Mini Pirate, Zamperla Demolition Derby, Zamperla Mini Avio 12 and added pictures to A.R.M. Touchdown, Bertazzon Rock-N-Roll Matterhorn, Chance Yo-Yo, Eyerly Rock-o-Plane, Hrubetz Rim-Drive Paratrooper, Huss Break Dance and Schwarzkopf Enterprise.

May 13Allan Herschell Jeep, Chance Twister, Huss Rodeo, Mangels Fire Trucks, Traver Kiddie Tumble Bug, Zamperla Barnstormer and added pictures to the Allan Herschell Helicopter, Mangels Whip, Schwarzkopf Bayern Kurve and Zamperla Lolli Swing.

January 27Chance Thunderbolt, Huss Top Spin2, Moser Gravity Tower, Soriani & Moser Top Star Tour and added pictures to the Fabbri Kamikaze, Tivoli Scorpion, Zamperla Nitro and Zamperla Z-Force.

January 24Gerstlauer Dancing Pavilion, Gerstlauer 50 Meter Wheel, Gerstlauer 60 Meter Wheel, King Parachute Ride and added pictures to the King Frolic.

January 8Chance Olympic Bobs, Chance Radar, Chance Space Shuttle, Chance Turbo and Eli Bridge Cycloid.


November 23Eli Bridge Spider Mania, Eyerly Octopus, Sellner G5 Tilt-a-Whirl, Zamperla Disk'O, Zamperla Fire Brigade, Zamperla Stars & Stripes, Zierer Kontiki and added pictures to the A.R.M. Super Shot and Venture Cobra.

November 13– Added the Cumberland County Fair- Crossville, Tennessee.

November 11– Added pictures to the Huss Break Dance.

November 2Allan Herschell Kiddie Jeep, Chance Aviator, Sartori Twister, Soriani & Moser Polyp, Soriani & Moser Super Telecombat, Zamperla Samba Tower, Zierer Viking and added pictures to the Huss Troika.

November 1Fabbri Boomerang, Fabbri Cataclysm, Fabbri Pirate Ship, Fabbri Wave Swinger, Huss Airboat, Wieland Schwarzkopf Polyp, Zamperla Samba Tower, Zierer Viking and added pictures to the Huss Troika and Soriani & Moser Super Loop on Top.

October 31Garbrick Merry Mixer, Mondial Ultra Max, Moser Twin Flip, Moser Rides Polyp, Philadelphia Toboggan Company Crazy Dazy, Sellner Monkey Mayhem, Weber 1001 Nacht, Wisdom Dive Bomber, Zamperla Balloon Race and added images to the Hrubetz Round-Up, Mondial Supernova and Sellner Bumble Bee Bop.

October 27Huss Shot'N Drop, Maurer-Sˆhne Power Tower, Mondial Inferno, Mondial Swinger & Zierer Star Shape and added pictures to the Huss Frisbee, Huss Jump, Huss Rainbow, Mondial Shake and Schwarzkopf Monster.

October 26Allan Herschell Helicopters, Mangels Pony Cart, Moser Apache Helicopter, Eli Bridge Lil' Scrambler, Eli Bridge Lil' Wheel, Wisdom Gravitron, Wisdom Moby Dick, Wisdom Silver Streak and Zamperla Mini Jet and added pictures to the Chance Zipper, Dartron Cliffhanger, Dartron Downdraft, Fabbri Contact, KMG Experience, Mack Music Express, Mack Petersburger Schlittenfahrt, Mondial Shake, Mondial Supernova, Sartori Techno Jump, Tivoli ReMix, Velare Brothers Space Wheel, Wisdom Starship 2000, Zamperla Galleon and Zamperla Kite Flyer.

October 19– Added 2003 Oktoberfest- Munich, Germany.

September 23– Added pictures from the 2002 San Diego County Fair- Del Mar, California.

September 21Tivoli Scorpion, Venture Cobra, Venture Mini Himalaya, Watkins Tempest, Wisdom Himalaya, Zamperla Speedway and the Zierer Wild Water Rondell.

September 11Dartron Zero Gravity, Mack Petersburger Schlittenfahrt (Swing-Bob), Mulligan Wheel, Sartori Helicopter, SDC Pirate and Sellner Jumping Jumbos.

September 10Eyerly Rock-O-Plane.

September 9Dartron Star Trooper, Dartron Zendar, Eli Bridge Construction Zone, Fabbri Double Shock and the Huss Tri Star.

September 3– We completely overhauled our Ride Index.  Now every picture has a high-resolution image that you can click on for a better view.

August 18A.R.M. Ali Baba, S&S Power Sky Swatter and addition of pictures to the Mack Musik-Express.

August 17Chance Double Inverter, Mack Musik-Express, Mack Wikingerfahrt, Moser Dream Machine, SBF Air Ballons, SBF Wonderflight, Wisdom Tornado, Zamperla Kite Flyer, Zamperla Mini Tea Cup, Zamperla Samba Balloon, Zierer Panoramic Wheel and addition of pictures to the Chance Yo Yo, S&S Power Frog Hopper, Soriani & Moser Energy Storm, Technical Park Gondola Wheel, Tivoli Orbiter, Zamperla Crazy Bus and Zamperla Nitro.

August 12Mondial Revolution, Mondial Splashover, Morgan Balloon Race, Preston & Barbieri Eureka and addition of pictures to the Mondial Top Scan and Mulligan Sea Ray.

August 11– Added pictures from the Russell County Jaycee Fair-Russell Springs, Kentucky, Huss Ranger, Intamin Space Ship, Huss Sky Lab, Huss UFO and Mack Seesturmbahn and addition of pictures to the Huss Fly Away, Huss Frisbee, Huss Top Spin, Soriani & Moser Apollo 2000 and the Zamperla Joker.

August 10– Addition of pictures to the pages on the Fabbri Crazy Dance, KMG Afterburner, KMG/Tivoli Spinout and Mack Calypso

August 6Heintz Fahtze Enterprise, Heintz Fahtze Twister, Eyerly Monster, Huss Maschinenfabrik Jump2 (Jump Squared) and the Huss Maschinenfabrik Magic.

July 28Bertazzon Rock-N-Roll Matterhorn

July 18Eli Bridge Aristocrat Wheel, Eli Bridge Eagle Wheel, Meisho Twin Dragon, Vekoma Sky Flyer, and Vekoma Waikiki Wave Super Flip with pictures additions to the AmTech Looney Airport, ARM Super Trooper, Chance Giant Wheel, Herschell Flying Bobs, Mondial Top Scan, Reverchon Flume, Soriani & Moser Super Loop on Top, Wisdom Super Sizzler and Zamperla Rock N Tug.

July 17– Updated the "Links" page with new links and credit for contributed pictures.

July 16– Addition of pictures to the pages on Chance Falling Star, Eli Hy 5, Fabbri Space Jam, Huss Top Spin, Mondial Top Scan and Tivoli Orbiter.

July 15Chance Alpine Bobs, Chance Rotor, Chance Skydiver, Fabbri Hard Rock, Huss Fly Away, Huss Frisbee, Intamin Bounty, Intamin Coasterwheel, Intamin Super Bounty, King Frolic, Mangels Whip, Schwarzkopf 44-meter wheel, Soriani & Moser Apollo 2000, Soriani & Moser Loop on Top, Tivoli Re-Mix, Wisdom Storm, Zamerpla Lolli Swing and Zamperla Zeppelin

July 9– Addition of pictures to the pages on Chance Chaos, Chance Inverter, Chance Revolution 32, Chance/Herschell Skywheel, Chance Trabant, Dartron Cliffhanger, Eyerly Roll-o-Plane, Fabbri Evolution, Fabbri Mega Drop, Huss Condor, KMG Experience, KMG/Tivoli Spinout, Mack Calypso, Mack Raupenbahn, Zamperla Flying Carousel, Zamperla Rotoshake and Zierer Hexentanz.

July 8– Bisch Rocco Flying Skooters (Both Eight and Ten Tub Versions), Chance Astro Wheel, Eli Bridge Hy-5 Wheel, Hampton Motorcycles, KMG/Tivoli Spin Out, Larson Flying Scooters, Mulligan Sea Ray, Sartori Fire Brigade, SDC Himalaya, Sellner Barrel of Fun, Venture Scat, Grover Watkins Rampage, Grover Watkins Swinger, Wisdom Sizzler, Wood Design Wave Swing and added pictures to the Eli Bridge Scrambler, Huss Troika, Reverchon Himalaya and Sellner Tilt-a-Whirl.

July 1– Added pictures from the Taylor County Fair- Campbellsville, Kentucky.

June 29– After an overhaul we have a newer look.  All of our frames were dumped, we turned to include files and the entire Ride Index has easy access and a search option.

June 25AmTech Looney Airport, A.R.M. Super Trooper, Chance 28-Foot Carousel, Chance 36-Foot Carousel, Chance Revolution 32, Fabbri Contact, Hampton 4X4, Huss Condor, Huss Flipper, Huss Giant Frisbee, Huss Jump, Larson Crazy Train, Larson Ring of Fire, Ronald Bussink Professional Rides Evolution, Anton Schwarzkopf Apollo 14, Sellner Bear Affair, Sellner Bumble Bee Bop, Sellner Dizzy Dragons, Wisdom Starship 2000, Wisdom Super Sizzler and Zamperla Energy Storm

June 23– Addition of pictures of Mid-America Shows

June 22– Addition of pictures to the pages on the Chance Chaos, Chance Zipper, Eyerly Loop-O-Plane, Eyerly Spider, Fabbri Kamikaze, KMG Afterburner and Zamperla Nitro

June 15– Addition of the Schwarzkopf Bayern Kurve, Zamperla Flying CarouselBartlett Flying Coaster, Mangels Kiddie Whip, Hrubetz Hydraulic Arm Paratrooper, Huss Rainbow, Chance Toboggan, Chance Trabant, Traver Tumble Bug, Chance Wipeout and added pictures to the Huss Swing Around and Zierer Flying Carpet pages

May 12– Addition of the Zierer Flying Carpet, Huss Troika and Tivoli Orbiter

March 31– Addition of the Chance Century Wheel, Zierer Hexentanz and Zamperla Rotoshake

February 2003– Site went live Navigation