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The Space Roller (Top Scan) was the centerpiece of the fair. The ride, owned by Cumberland Valley Shows, is the most spectacular piece traveling the country. The Space Roller ran almost full during the entire time I visited the fair.

The Top Scan produces sensations not found on any other rides. The visuals combined with the lateral and vertical G's make for an intense experience that produces some of the best thrills in America today.

This photo shows the wide array of thrills available at the Wisconsin State Fair. In the foreground is a Dartron Cliff Hanger, the Mondial Top Scan, a Larson Ring of Fire, a Chance Carousel ( in the background with the blue & white top) and to the right is the Pinfari Coaster. The large brick structure with the two towers in the background is the state fair's new entrance.

This great shot was taken towards the back of the lot. From left to right we see a Chance Chaos, a Huss Enterprise and the classic Chance Zipper. See a similarity between the cars on the Zipper and Chaos? Rumor has it that Chance engineers welded a car from a Zipper on a Hrubetz Round-Up and enjoyed the result, which they named the Chaos. The only large difference between the Round-Up and Chaos cycles is that the first's simply raises up & down, while the arm of the Chaos lifts up as the ring of seats is parallel to the ground, then the head rotates so that it is perpendicular to the ground (similar to a Tivoli Force 10).

The flume, owned by the Popovich family, was booked into the fair. It was manufactured by Gaston Reverchon Industries and was one of the most popular family rides at the fair.

The Wave Swinger was booked in by Cumberland Valley Shows and is one of the few Zierer-manufactured swing rides that travel the country. Most carnivals opt for the smaller Chance Yo-Yo's. Talley Amusements' Mega Drop thrills the more adventuresome in further down the midway.

The Moser Rides Spring Ride is one of the most popular children's throughout the country. This one-trailer ride holds ten people per-ride and can fit both kids and their parents. For a small tower the "up and down" action is great.

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