Taylor County Fair – 2003

The Taylor County Fair ran from June 19 - 28, 2003.

The Chance Astro Wheel is Kissel Rides & Shows' centerpiece spectacular ride. The wheel, which racks on 1.5 trailers, is a rare piece on today's carnival midways. The show has done a great job keeping the wheel in useable shape and has even reversed every other seat, putting a new twist on an old ride.

The Astro Wheel provides some unique views of the structure and the area. This family enjoyed the view from the top. Note the lights that line the wheel's spokes and make it look great at night.

The Astro Wheel's unique sign provided a nice shot from my seat.

The lot was exciting from the top of the wheel. These three canvas-covered rides are two Hampton kiddie rides and the Allan Herschell carousel.

The Dartron Hurricane, Wisdom Super Sizzler and the Venture SCAT anchored the large rides side of the midway.

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