The Mid-South Fair 2002

The Afterburner, called the Fireball by Farrow Shows, was one of the carnival's new-for-2002 rides. The ride, manufactured by KMG, is becoming a staple on large American midways.

The ride has great Euro-accented flash. The KMG Rides plaque can be seen in gold on the backflash. The photo to the right shows the Fireball at full swing.

The Farrow Shows midway is one of the nicest you will come across. It is filled with great amenities like hand cleansing station, shaded sitting areas and coded height markers so guests know which rides their children can enjoy.

The Twister was manufacturey KT Enterprises of England. It is the only ride of itype by this manufacturer in the country. However, versionere made by other companies like Huss (Flipper), ARM (Touchdown)DC and Zamperla. The Twister provides some intense spinninnd a loud horn as the platform lowers.

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