2003 Florida State Fair

Zamperla's new-for-2003 ride, The Rockin' Tug, was a popular buy for American carnivals. This one is owned by Reithoffer Shows and was the first model to go on active duty in the U.S. market.

The Tango, owned by Reithoffer Shows, had a troubled debut in 2002. It had a much better run at the fair in 2003 and often ran with all twenty-four seats filled.

This Chance Zipper was owned by Meyer's International Midways. The ride is a midway classic and this version was in great shape.

Cumberland Valley Shows' Top Scan again anchored the back of the lot. This super spectacular had a large wait during much of the fair and thrilled thirty riders at a time. This was the Top Scan's first fair of the year.

This KMG Afterburner, owned by Cumberland Valley Shows and called the Feurerball (German for Fireball), was one of three inverted Frisbee-style rides on the lot.

The Chance Slingshot, a one-trailer piece owned by Reithoffer Shows, was one of two freefall towers on the lot. This ride was more popular than the A.R.M. tower at the back of the lot.

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