2002 Florida State Fair

The midway of the Florida State Fair with the Chance Giant Wheel on the left, the Chance Slingshot in the distance and the skyride in the foreground.

The KMG Afterburner (known as the Fireball in the U.S. market) along with a Zierer Wave Swinger, the Chance Slingshot and the Wisdom Landslide.

Another shot of the midway with a Moser Spring Ride in the bottom left corner and a Larson Ring of Fire in the distance.

The KMG Afterburner has been one of the most popular rides in the United States over the last few years. It is a two-trailer ride that holds twenty-four passengers. This one is owned by Reithoffer Shows.

The Eyerly Spider is a classic ride found on many midways across the country. This one is owned by Murphy Brothers Shows.

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