Belle City Amusements

The Cumberland County Fair, Crossville, Tennessee- August 23, 2003

The Belle City Chance Carousel is a great piece for the entire family to ride. The attraction is wonderfully accented with a orange, purple and yellow canvas that goes great with the machines gold, white and red paint scheme.

The Chance Skywheel is one of the most commanding pieces a carnival can have and the version owned by Belle City is no different. It is kept in near-mint condition for being out on the road so many weeks each year and makes quite a visual impact on a fair's visitors.

The Chance Yo Yo was available for younger riders while the teens flocked to the Larson Ring of Fire.

The Panacek family has a ride collection that is from many different time periods. Working left to right we see the Zamperla Power Surge, A.R.M. Ali Baba (themed Typhoon), Venture Mini Himalaya, Chance Yo Yo, Eli Bridge Scrambler and Chance Sky Wheel. Also notice the old school generators with the spotlights on top. They harken back to the fairs of several decades ago.

The Chance Sea Dragon is sadly an uncommon sight on the American midway. Many shows have opted for the one-trailer Mulligan Sea Ray or Chance Pharaoh's Fury. While the dragon requires two trailers it has a presence on the midway that is more commanding than either of those rides.

This Skywheel is one of the nicest you will find in the world. The beautiful bright yellow paint, the pastel seats and the classic vertical sign that reads "Skywheel" all show that this is a ride that knows how to be cared for.

The A.R.M.-manufactured Typhoon ride is a one-trailer take on the classic Falling Star ride. The only complaint is that the over-the-shoulder restraints just don't belong on a ride with such severe airtime. The carnival's Mulligan Wheel is a fun ride that gives a great view of the lot and looks terrific at night.

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