I- The Pages: We have tried to build a site that is accurate and reflects the spirit of the industry. However, mistakes are sometimes made. If you see information here that is not correct and it is about your show or piece don't take it personally. Let us know and we will try to correct the problem as soon as possible. If you see are looking for a certain piece at a fair or in the Ride Index, make sure you look be the name the manufacturer gives the ride, not the one the owner uses.

II- The Ride Index: These pages have been assembled through references by the ride manufacturers, carnivals and individuals. Obviously with this much information there will be incorrect data on the pages. If you see something that needs to be corrected please let us know. We will do our best to update the information in a timely manner. In addition, some of the listings have more data listed than others. This is because not every piece of information we want is available and because in an industry where so much is passed down by word-of-mouth some of it gets lost with time (especially on the older rides).

Please help us by lending The Flat Joint your unique expertise.

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